All Shore Garage Door has been installing custom wood doors for over 40 years
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Door Boy works with homeowners, architects, and builders to come up with designs that both complement the home and integrate styling's of the house into the doors.

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Wood Carriage House Doors are available in a variety of designs. They can be made from authentic wood or created from composite materials.

Stain Grade Wood Doors can be produced from numerous sorts of wood;

Spanish Cedar, Western Red Cedar, African Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry, Alder, Sapele, Teak and other distinctive woods.

Paint Grain Wood Doors are regularly built from composite materials.

It is certain that there is nothing more delightful than true wood; however when you desire a paint grade door composites are incomparable.

Positives of composite materials include:

• Contains no knots or voids
• Prevent checking, splitting and cracking
• Built with resins to prevent moisture, rot and termites.
• Contains smooth density and thickness throughout the entire door
• Minimizing of thickness swell.
• Environmentally beneficial
• No formaldehyde issues

All Shore Garage Door works with mortgage holders, architects, and builders to think of ideas that will complement both the house and the integrate styling’s of your home into your doors. Call us now to receive the answers to all your questions.


CUSTOMER REVIEWS I could not believe how much the new doors changed the look of my house. I replaced the garage doors and now my home looks beautiful. Thanks

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